I just bought a 2015 Expedition from @ Dale's today. What a great group of guys. I didn't feel pressured, minimal "uptalking" the car, worked with my budget, timely process, good text communication in arranging meet times, etc. I would love to see a little more attention to cleaning the women's bathroom, guys, LOL but honestly, a good experience! I'll be back here in a year and let ya know if I'm still smiling!
I had the best experience there than at any other car lot I’ve been to over the years. My salesperson KC and the other guys involved where fantastic. I ended up getting exactly the Jeep I wanted (already upgrade with aftermarket stuff). I would hands down recommend anyone to go there! Five stars!!
Ruben Sanchez
I purchase a 2009 Chevy crew cab yesterday at Dales Used Cars. I worked with Jason B, the salesman, and Kody K, the finance person. Both were extremely open and honest with me. I appreciated the time they gave me and the patience shown. I would recommend to anyone to come and buy your next vehicle here. They don't run you around like herding cattle. They get to know you. And, if they have what you are looking for, they will accommodate you. Thanks Jason and Kody!!
Aaron Remacle
Nicole Gains: Dales Used Cars had exactly what I was looking for. The people there were very friendly and helpful. My experience for buying a car was excellent.
My experience exceeded my expectations. I hate buying cars but these guys were professional, honest and timely. I would highly suggest giving them your business.
Lori Sherfey
My husband and I just bought our 3rd truck from Dale's! It's always a positive experience...easy going, no hassle, they even shopped around to get us the best interest rate on our new loan. We highly recommend them to all our family and friends and will continue to be lifelong, loyal customers! P.S. Thank you Jeff for being so awesome!
Katie Fortune
These guys go above and beyond to help u when no one else will fair prices great customer service just all around great car lots would highly recommend them
steven unknown
Great guys to work with. Bret helped me with my loan and made it very quick and easy. And I also need to say big thanks to Dale!!
steven kirk
Recently purchased a vehicle from these guys it was a great no hassle experience. If your looking for a vehicle I highly recommend these guys.
shane eastwood
I did months of research looking around the western US for a good, newer Ford F-350 Supercab longbed. Finally found one at a great price at Dale's. Since I live about 8 hours away in Central Oregon, I asked a lot of questions before driving all the way up there. Brett was very willing to help answer my questions. When I expressed interest in coming up there, he reassured me they would not sell it to another customer before I got there, which had already happened to me twice at other dealers. When I got there, it was just as advertised and Brett helped me complete the purchase efficiently and without BS; honoring the price we agreed to before I made the trip. The price was so good that I actually decided to wait a month before writing this review just to make sure I didn't get a lemon or something! Nope; the truck has been perfect and I'm loving it! It towed my Volvo SUV (~5000 pounds+ 3000 lb trailer) the entire trip home to Oregon beautifully like it wasn't even back there. The one complaint I have is that when got home, I discovered a slice in the bed of the truck about 3 inches long that was previously covered by a bunch of Aspen leaves that had fallen into the bed. I honestly don't think they knew about it, but they should have (and I should have done a better inspection of the bed condition). Overall, I got a truck I am really enjoying at a price I'm happy with and a smooth, honest transaction to boot. I would buy another vehicle here.
-- Ken House (Oregon)
k2d3 house
Dales staff was very professional, they were very easy to work with. They went the extra mile to make the deal right and the perfect payments. I recommend them to everyone that tells me they need a vehicle.
Paul W Fischer
I've bought my last 3 trucks from Dales and they have always been great to deal with. The trucks that I've bought from Dales cost me thousands less and were nicer than anywhere else I've found. Definitely would recommend them to anyone!
Jeffrey Meyer
These guys are very laid back and made getting my teenaged daughter into her first car very easy.
Madison Elaine
if you you want a used car or truck this is the best place to go outstanding customer service always the best price in town. If there is a problem the problem well always be fixed with know questions asked. Dales also provides outstanding warranty programs and will find you the best possible interest rate and payment on your vehical
Don Moravec
Jeff got us exactly what we were looking for at a great price. Highly recommended!
Brooke Miller
I picked up a sweet early Bronco from these guys. No pressure and reasonable deal.
Allen Worst
This was hands down the best car buying experience I have had to date. I originally test drove the truck and a check engine light came on during the test drive. Without hesitation the Dales sent the truck to the ford dealership to be repaired. It turned out to be a simple fix that these trucks are very common to have, however Dales stepped up and paid the $800 repair bill without thinking twice. This was the most relaxed and pressure free vehicle purchase I have ever had. I would absolutely buy another car from these guys. J.R. was my salesman and he was extremely helpful and made this an excellent experience. Thank you!
Devin Morrison
We went to Dale's Used Cars to look at a '14 GMC Sierra half ton with an expectation that it was priced low enough that something must be wrong with it. It turns out that the truck is beautiful and they price their vehicles close to wholesale. Jared Stockdale was our salesman and it was the best car-buying experience we've ever had! It was straight forward and easy with no unexpected fees or BS. He got us an excellent 5 year/ 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty for a ridiculously low price. We have good credit, so he got us a lower interest rate than the lowest rate our credit union offers. I hope he still works at Dale's when I'm ready for my next "mommy-mobile" because we will head straight there! We will also recommend friends and family to give them a look!
Jaclyn Peterson
Salesman worked hard to get us into the truck we wanted. Very satisfied with the service.
Brandon Cannaday
First used dealer I've been to when no was pushy, and more than willing to show me a bunch of trucks
David Simula
Wonderful car buying experience. It was by far the most convenient process I have come across when purchasing a vehicle. I live an hour away from Coeur d'Alene so I used the online credit application and then did the majority of the deal over the phone. Super easy and straight forward! I had personalized service that went the extra mile. The sales men were knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend Dale's Used Cars!
Mary Rehnborg
Had a wonderful experience here. People, you are buying a used car. There are no guarantees going into a sale. Expect there to be some things wrong and the vehicle may need some small things done to it. It is a USED vehicle. I have seen brand new vehicles with issues from the factory so get over it. They actually encourage you to take it to your own mechanic. Why would you not? You are an idiot if you don't then complain about it. The people here were more than accommodating, very low pressure and very nice to deal with. I ended up with a beautiful truck that needed a few things done to it and I could not be happier.
Derrek Horton
Very good experience with the guys at dales made buying a car easy.
brad cleave
Bought a lifted GMC Sierra Denali back in February from them, first time ever buying a vehicle. I had no idea what I was doing, so I bought a warranty with it. The truck has had several problems (as older trucks with huge lifts will) but Dale's has gone above and beyond to have my back. Even working with the warranty company to make sure I was taken care of. I would absolutely refer my friends and family and plan on returning if I ever need another vehicle.
Lauren Clark
I've purchased 8 or so vehicles, both new and used and this was hands-down the best car buying experience I've had. I saw the truck I was interested in, Jason tossed me the keys and told me to take it for a spin. I did that, and after during the test drive realized the AC was having issues. I expressed interest in the truck, but reservations about the AC system. He assured me they'd take care of it.

I went into the transaction expecting to haggle both for the price on the truck I wanted, but also the price I wanted for my trade-in. Fortunately, I had to do neither. I offered my bottom-line for the truck, minus my trade-in and got it. Definitely a win-win. I ended up paying a very reasonable price for the vehicle, and got more than I expected for my trade-in.

Once we purchased the vehicle, Dales sent it in for the AC repair. When we took possession, after the first repair, it was evident that the AC while better, was not entirely fixed. Apparently the problem was much more widespread than they originally anticipated; they'd fix something, and it'd reveal another deficiency in the system. Even though the scope and cost of the repair *far* exceeded their original estimates, Dale's stood behind their word and we couldn't be happier.

Needless to say, my next car will be purchased from Dale's. These are the most honest, well intentioned car salesmen I've ever dealt with.
Toby Buckley
Super great customer service, no pressure, showed us the car we were looking for! They were very flexible and convenient, went above and beyond for us.
Will Sando
What an amazing experience from start to finish - Jeff, J.R. and the rest of the crew really took care of me going above and beyond my expectations. It is rare to find a dealership with such genuine characteristics of trust and integrity.
This experience was particularly important to me - as a female purchasing a vehicle (and I have purchased several vehicles on my own over the years) I have not once had what I would consider to be a good experience - this was a game changer for what is normally considered to be such a stressful event.
Melanie Jones
I rented a used car from Dale's several times when I moved here. They were professional with great rates and good cars. thanks!
A Google User
I was looking for a newer Power Stroke F-350. I had seen one online that was at Dale's. Let me tell the atmosphere was incredibly relaxed I forgotten that I was even at a car lot. I have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime and this was my first truly "good feel" experience in purchasing a vehicle. They treated my like a family friend they offered me lunch that they have just bought. What was nice about this whole experience is that there was not a "big Dealership mentality". They did not have to run back and fourth between a Sales Manger with a white peace of paper with a bunch of chicken scratch all over it. We did all the paperwork right there at the desk. They were very transparent and showed me all the number right then. I can tell you as a well traveled and experienced individual in purchasing high dollar items I would not hesitate to spend my hard earned my money with them again for my next truck or car. Thank you gentlemen, lunch is on me next time.
Ron Stewart